Welsh Tartan Center

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“Vibrant, exciting colours and great quality”, just some of the retailer comments about The Wales Tartan Centre range we supply from stock here in Charlotte, NC. With relatively few names to cover a huge proportion of Welsh names, the top 5, Jones, Williams, Davies, Evans and Thomas actually cover 55% of Welsh people! Ties (in 100% worsted wool/twill weave) and scarves (100% brushed lambswool) are held here in stock and are actually woven in Wales UK at The Cambrian Woollen Mill, also registered with the Scottish Tartans Authority. Cambrian Woollen Mill have been weaving on the same site since 1826. A CD is available free of charge for retailers use in store on a website, along with product images from Wales Tartan Centres. Ties are embroidered with a Welsh Dragon (Ddraig Goch!), scarves are also available in twill weave.

Our Welsh Tartans are available for wholesale and retail distribution.
For more information send us a message or call us at 1-877-359-8369.

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