Importing Services

Great Scot International Inc. has been exporting traditional and gourmet Scottish Foods for the last decade. Our company has been founded on the increasing knowledge of importing into the the United States, and our knowledge of the US food and beverage market.


Great Scot International is offering a US presence for Scottish and English companies that want to begin importing and distributing in the market. If you are already shipping orders to the USA, you know that the cost of shipping globally are prohibitive and that saving time and money with order fulfillment will offer increased sales and and strong advantage.

Co-loading Shipments

Great Scot International can handle your US wholesale order fulfillment through local warehousing from our Charlotte, NC facility. By the process of co-loading with other companies at our UK port onto a 40ft container, we are able to import your product to the US at a low cost. Importing to American poses many administrative and regulatory questions. Great Scot International can ensure that your questions will answered and your product will arrive safely through customs and the FDA systems.

U.S. Regulations

Before importing can begin, your product must be acceptable for the US market in regards to contents and product labelling. Great Scot International ensures that all products that will pass through US customs are acceptable to the US goverment and to the distributors and retailers who will be responsible for them.


Great Scot International can provide a simple and cost effective means of storing and shipping your product to your US customers. You will only be charged for the services you ue and shipping costs that are incurred.
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