Gluten Free Foods

Scottish Gluten-Free Foods

High quality delicious gluten-free bakery goods including shortbread, cookies, and tray bakes for customers with food allergies or food intolerances.

Lazy Day Foods was founded by Dr Sally Beattie and Emer Bustard, professional food scientists with a personal interest in food intolerances. Sally is a Dunblane mum with a number of food intolerances, including ones to dairy and gluten. Several members of her family are also dairy intolerant, including her 3 year old son. Sally and Emer are professional food scientists who have turned their knowledge and experience to create a range of recipes for high quality allergy friendly foods that are so good that anyone will want to eat them.

The number of people affected by food intolerances and allergies is on the increase with gluten intolerance (Celiac Disease) affecting 1 in 133 Americans.

Imported By Great Scot International Inc.
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